We have done it again!

November 2, 2016

constantinus-logo-no-subheadingThe Institute for Organisational Development has won the silver medal in the global management consulting awards in Toronto.

The UK hasn’t put up a nominee since The Institute for Organisational Development won the silver medal in Johannesburg in 2013 so it is great that we were whittled down to be the sole nominee for the UK in 2016. As well as the global recognition we were also to receive the Certificate as National Champion of Great Britain!

The Institute for Organisational Development team is well chuffed and delighted that our colleague Donna Smithson was able to be in Toronto to be presented with the award! Not bad for a small consulting practice based in Humberside!

We would not have been considered if we did not have a strong application based on the work we have done with The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney, London over the last few years. It was the significant impact we made to that organisation that led to our work being recognised on both a national and global scale!

Well done to everyone involved.

Ian Andrew
Governance & Partnerships Director, (Deputy CEO)



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