Organisational Development

We had the Strategic OD workshop session with the senior team and the questions in the OD Diagnostic were really thought provoking…the facilitation by Institute for OD got us into a debate which we would not otherwise have had. It gave us the opportunity to really explore things as a team, to challenge each other and question how to take our Organisational Development programme forward.

Chris Bain, former CEO, Rotherham, Doncaster & South Humber NHS FT

Certificate in Foundations of Organisational Development (Level 3)

“Practising consulting, coaching and facilitation were very valuable to me! The process + method + content really stood out for me as a particular tool in the facilitation module. I will be taking away all I have learnt on the OD programme an implementing this a lot more regularly into my work place. This has equipped me with the starting point for OD and for myself on a personal level for the future! Thank you for a fantastic facilitator!”

Katie Chubb – North Lincolnshire Council – 2018 Graduate

We were looking for an organisation to come and help us with our OD work. Northamptonshire Police is a very traditional thinking police force with a very traditional culture which is based on vocational values. We found that Institute for OD really understood our value set and how people come to work with us with the vocation in mind. This has been really powerful through the change programme. The Institute have really helped our staff to understand how and why we need to change.

Fiona Davis, Head of Corporate Services, Northamptonshire Police

I’ve been working with the Institute for about a year and a half now. I’ve worked specifically with Steve who has helped me to develop an OD programme for the organisation. They provided a really useful framework which I’ve used to define the OD programme. Steve did some cultural diagnosis to help us understand which issues needed solving. He then worked with us to draft a specification to get somebody to ship development into the organisation. It was great having someone with the expertise to bounce ideas off and provide support whilst trying to change the culture of the organisation.

Kate Grimes, Chief Executive, Kingston Hospital

The Institute for Organisational Development are really focused on bringing organisational development to a very long standing organisation with a lot of history with all of the challenges that a very fast moving NHS healthcare environment brings.

They have been really pivotal in helping the team at an executive level understand what good behaviours, management, leadership and coaching skills can bring to efficiency and to better operating procedures.

The Institute don’t tell us what to do, they enable us to understand how we can better configure our services. They have a range of services which we are benefiting from in coaching and consultancy. They also run an institute which we are very pleased to be members of as this allows us to share knowledge and interact with a network of people who are equally sized with the need for OD alongside business planning, strategy and the inevitable bottom line. It’s a very healthy relationship and one that is producing return for our investment.

Angus Somerville, Chief Executive, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

The RHN is a fabulous institution. We look at the quality of life of patients and residents with incredibly complex brain injuries. The passion within the hospital is immense, it’s a wonderful place to be but it’s steeped in tradition as it’s over 150 years old. It has old practices, old ways of working and cultural inertia. I joined 18 months ago, working with the chief executive. We quickly realised that we needed an enormous amount of support to help us on our journey of change so we elected The Institute for Organisational Development. The reason for choosing the Institute for OD was their ethics and values which were so aligned to the way in which we think. It was also about finding a long-term partner, as this would not be a quick fix. We wanted a partner that would work with us on a sustainable agenda and help us to deliver a better performance in our hospital whilst also maintaining what makes it really special.

Lynn Cunningham, Director of Corporate Services, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability.

We are a fairly traditional policing organisation and like most public sector organisations, we have a large scale transformation programme that we have now entered into.

We felt that we needed to get some external support, especially around organisational development, coaching and testing our assumptions about our organisation and how we deliver services to the people of Northamptonshire in the future.

The staff at The Institute for Organisational Development are now all very well known to me. Steve Benfield, the Managing Director, has been alongside me on the preparation for our journey towards transformation. This has really helped our learning and helped us to formulate a programme of work that will take the organisation into the future of policing and a whole new way of delivering services to the people of Northamptonshire and ensure that our performance remains on track.

Dave Hill, Superintendent, Northamptonshire Police