Excellent! I feel more confident in facilitating and challenging uncomfortable moments when / perceived aggression and while running meetings and training events. Just Great – thanks. Great team and great facilitation.

Kate Bridgemen – University of Hull

Absolutely excellent!  Jan is now a role model – someone who demonstrates awareness and mastery in her facilitation. I am grateful for the opportunity.  Thank you all in The Institute for Organisational Development who made this such a great quality learning experience.

Jaki Lowe, Interchange HR

Peter’s style is perfect for the programme, relaxed, organised and assertive with the group. Peter encourages a climate of openess and trust and very few people can achieve this in my opinion. Peter is professional and very friendly, warm and caring.

Caroline Dosanjh, Coaching & Mentoring Coordinator, Lincolnshire Police

I have learnt so much and found the facilitation excellent – insightful, stretching, skilled fun, diverse.
The modelling that was within the facilitation was a really rich source of learning for me as was the generosity of both facilitators in supporting development outside as well as within the group.
My expectations of becoming confident to coach independently have been exceeded – in a very different way from what I expected.
Thank you for a wonderful experience – some of the most challenging, most rewarding and most productive development work I have undertaken.

Dr Sue Butler