The workshop has contributed to a culture change within the organisation, with a move away from self-reliance and silo-working to a position based much more on the collective, on a culture of mutual respect and support.

Workshop Participant, Cambridgeshire Constabulary 2014

Working with the Institute has been a genuine strategic partnership. They have never wavered from its original commitment to provide strong support and strong challenge.

Dr Richard Heseltine, Director of LLI, University of Hull

We quickly realised that we needed an enormous amount of support to help us on our journey of change so we elected The Institute for Organisational Development. The reason for choosing them was their ethics and values which were so aligned to the way in which we think. It was also about finding a long-term partner, as this would not be a quick fix. We wanted a partner that would work with us on a sustainable agenda and help us to deliver a better performance in our hospital whilst also maintaining what makes it really special.

Lynn Cunningham, Director of Corporate Services, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

“The RHN is a medical charity which means we are independent from the NHS. We rely heavily on the funds that we acquire to give quality of life to patients with really complex neurological conditions and brain injuries. I was thrilled and delighted when The Institute for Organisational Development selected the RHN as one of their CSR partners which is very special for us, we felt very privileged and honoured. I believe it’s drawn us closer together as a partnership. We’re invested in making the changes that they can help us with, but equally they are investing in the hospital and helping us deliver our services that we feel are so important.”

Lynn Cunningham, Director of Corporate Services, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability.