This is the second Institute conference that I have attended. It absolutely proves the value of being able to get out of the office and think about how organisations can develop. The conference also demonstrates how these organisations can be coached by others with specialisms which the Institute for OD bring and how valuable that is in progressing ones operating and strategy in a very demanding world.

Angus Somerville, Chief Executive, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

I’ve had interesting conversations about resilience here at the Institute for OD conference today. Resilience isn’t something that we always think about in the NHS and today has given us the opportunity to think about resilience in more detail and how it might help the NHS.

Kate Grimes, Chief Executive, Kingston Hospital

The conference has been a fantastic day and really inspirational. There has been such a diverse group of people here who have been sharing experiences. I facilitated a workshop on my experiences of the Resilient Leader programme at the Institute for Organisational Development. We welcomed some really interesting dialogue about people’s perceptions. The conference is an excellent networking opportunity. Irrespective of organisations we work for, we’d all experienced similar issues and problems. I think the emotional and intelligent discussions we’ve had today have been really inspirational. It’s a fantastic conference.

Rachel Jackson, Sergeant, Northamptonshire Police

The Institute for OD conference has been really impressive. I’ve found out so much about other companies and organisations that are struggling with the same sort of issues that Northamptonshire Police are such as cultural change and ethical decision making. It gives us a sense of how to manage our staff through really complex matters. Talking about resilience and how we can train our staff to be more resilient in a way that the organisation finds acceptable is really beneficial. It’s been great to come here today and share experiences.

Fiona Davis, Head of Corporate Services, Northamptonshire Police

Attending a conference is fantastic. It’s a great opportunity to network with people who are interested in the same topics. It’s also a great way to learn about how people are implementing the principles that the Institute for OD present. The networking aspect is an excellent opportunity.

Dawn Cooper, Head of Learning & Development, G4S

I decided to attend the conference because it’s all about ethics. For me ethics in leadership is absolutely crucial, not just for our service but across all public services and the private sector. So far it’s been fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed the coaching and the main speaker.

I would recommend anyone to spend some time here and interchange ideas with colleagues and talk to the Institute consultants who are fabulous at what they do. The conference gives you time to reflect on what you are trying to achieve at work.

Steve Morrison, Regional Director of HR/OD, NHS England

This is the third conference that I’ve been to.  The Institute for OD conferences are always great to attend. Not only are the team very ethical, welcoming and knowledgeable, they also have very interesting clients. It’s really great to be able to network with them and find out what sort of organisational issues they are facing. The Institute for Organisational Development provides fantastic speakers so I always learn a lot.

Gill Smith, Chair, Association for Coaching in the UK

“This is the first organisational development conference I’ve been to with The Institute for Organisational Development. I’ve particularly enjoyed keynote speaker Lynne Cunningham of RHN. Lynne spoke about many elements that are very similar to my organisation so it’s encouraging to know that the sorts of problems that Kingston Hospital faces have been picked up and we’re on the right track. The conference provides an opportunity to talk to others in similar situations and take shared learning back to my own organisation.

I thought the problem-solving workshop with Dave Hill was very good. In just half an hour he was able to simplify the processes that we went through. It confirmed for me the fact that if you don’t put the correct amount of time and energy into addressing an issue, you might solve the problem quite quickly but it’s probably not sustainable and you know that you’ll go back and revisit it. The models Dave presented were useful and I could see how they could be used in my organisation.

The conference has been an opportunity to hear from other’s experiences and what they’re doing in their organisations but also an opportunity to talk it through with them as well.”

Sarah Tedford – Barking, Havering and Redbridge.

“The Organisational Development Conference in Corby has been a great experience. As a public sector worker I get to meet people from all different walks of life, all with their own stories to tell regarding organisational development. It’s a fascinating experience to be able to understand how other organisational journeys have developed. It’s been a really good event”

Dave Hill, Superintendent, Northamptonshire Police.

“This is the first time I’ve been to the conference and it has absolutely surpassed my expectations. I came here thinking that I know quite a lot about OD, actually what I found is, that there is food for thought, the thinking and the contributions that others have made has actually stimulated my own thinking. To be able to take something back into my own organisation has been tremendous. I highly recommend it.”

Lynn Cunningham, Director of Corporate Services, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability