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October 4, 2016

beech-leavesLuke Spayne invites you to the November start of The Institute for Organisational Development’s Certificate in Performance Development Coaching.

Last week saw the 8th Institute for Organisational Development Member Conference at the University of Northampton Sunley Conference Centre with hosts from the Institute for Public Safety Crime and Justice. After a reflection of the day the discussion of coaching and coaches became a topic for discussion and a programme that Beech can offer as part of one of our Open Programmes.
Coaching is recognised as one of the most powerful & effective development approaches to performance development. Why not book on The Institute for Organisational Development’s Certificate in Performance Development Coaching and develop your coaching skills for great performance into 2017? The start for this next programme is scheduled for 15th November 2016 with places still available!

What a recent participant said after taking the programme:

“Back in the workplace, I now think like a coach – whether it’s a challenge I have or whether I’m speaking with someone else.  I also do it in my personal life.  Prior to this I was always giving advice, taking on actions for myself, when really, they were other people’s actions – they just needed the ‘push’ or confidence to tackle them for themselves.  Now I sit and listen, just remain quiet – it really does encourage people to think for themselves and come up with options without me having to prompt them sometimes.”

The programme will help you to:

  • Develop the unique skills to provide high quality coaching capability
  • Have the ability to generate significant performance enhancement
  • Understand how to accelerate sustainable change

Make a difference to both your organisation and your own personal development by booking on to the course.  You can read more about the programme here. Or if you would value any further information around this programme please contact Luke Spayne on 01430 425 683 or



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