OD Team of the Year – Team 80-20, North Lincolnshire Council

Congratulations to Team 80-20 at North Lincolnshire Council who collected the winner’s trophy for OD Team of the Year.

Team 80-20’s driving passion was to support a Council-led Integrated Intermediate Care facility to become even more person-centred in what they do. The team looked at the service through the eyes of the customer and were able to instigate a number of organisational changes that have had a huge impact in making the experience more personal and have enabled more people to recover more quickly, returning home and to their independence.

The team introduced new and effective ways of working for the workforce, supported them developmentally through the changes, made positive changes to the built environment, as well as improving communication with relatives and residents.

In addressing one of the seemingly most intractable issues facing social care and NHS, the team has taken a holistic and person-centred approach to empowering customers/service users to return to their homes, safe and well.

They have worked to improve the whole system in multiple ways, practically as well as symbolically, to inspire people to regain their sense of individuality and independence.

Their work has also involved coaching staff to embrace the new person-centred approach. The financial outcomes are impressive, but more significant are the improved quality of customer experience and the future-focused ‘upskilling’ of frail customers to keep themselves as safe and well as possible when they return to their homes.

The impact of Team 80-20 is a significant factor of a reduced the length of stay. The return on investment is understood by the length of stay against that of time in hospital and is assessed as saving the local health economy £2.217m per annum, generating a ROI of 133%.

Team members accepting the award were Julia Matthews , Helen Tindell and Zoe Drakes

Fellow Finalists were HR Team, The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Hayley Causer, Marta McBrierty, Joan-Eric Miguel The RHN




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