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The Institute for Organisational Development employs people based not only on their experience, qualifications and technical capability, but importantly on the degree to which they fit with our organisational values, approach and philosophy.

Anyone employed by The Institute for Organisational Development, whether as an associate or employed individual and in whatever role, is recruited against a clear set of behavioural competencies and role-based capabilities.

Such competencies are shared with short-listed applicants along with our values and a detailed role outline prior to attending a group based selection centre day, tailored specifically in relation to the requirements of the specific role.

These events are not only intended to help us identify those applicants which demonstrate the desired competencies, but also to be developmental for all involved. Each participating applicant will be offered direct developmental feedback after the event to support their ongoing development and give clear reasons for the decisions made, whether successful or not. Selection centres are largely informal, experiential and inclusive and give ample opportunity for selected applicants to share their thoughts and demonstrate their capabilities and competencies, as well as ask questions and find out more about The Institute for Organisational Development.

Recruitment and development centre days are held throughout the year. Applicants will be short listed and invited to engage in this process based mainly on experience, knowledge, personal values and approach, so any expression of interest should be accompanied by a detailed CV outlining these areas.

In addition to the above requirements, applicants expressing interest in roles within our associate team or our OD practitioner team would be expected to be able to demonstrate excellent OD practitioner skills, possessing consulting, facilitation and non-directive coaching capabilities. These applicants would be expected to demonstrate clearly the experience they have of working with these skills in practice. We would also be interested to hear from those who have other relevant knowledge, skills and experience which they feel they would be beneficial to bring to an OD practitioner role.

If you would like to be considered for future recruitment, please e-mail your CV and supporting letter to or contact us using our online form.



To summarise the Resilient Leader programme ran by the Institute for OD, I would say the programme gave me the key to a door and the option to open that door and walk through. It provided me with a personal reflectiveness, which has benefitted my personal and professional life. The programme has shown me the benefit of resilience and mental toughness when achieving my professional objectives as well as looking at my personal well-being. It is a fantastic programme, I would highly recommend it. If you have the opportunity to take some time out, go to the Institute and take a look

Rachel Jackson, Sergeant, Northamptonshire Police READ MORE >

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