Don’t see yourself as a Consultant, Coach or Facilitator?!

February 11, 2018

What is your current job/career? Or have you ever asked yourself what your ideal job or career should really be! The Office of National Statistics show that 1 in 3 people today are not in the right job they should be in.

This got me thinking about our Certificate in Organisational Development Practitioner Skills. People are quick to judge themselves as not being a consultant, a coach, a facilitator (the 3 modules that make up this development programme); and you don’t have to be to!

I was that very person a few years ago. I had no idea about these 3 aspects and how they would benefit me in my career. However, I was strong, I took them on and it became oh so clear that I can use these 3 skills in my every day life and not just my job! It wasn’t just gaining these skills that was beneficial, it is the way in which I use them that define what tasks I do in my career and even my personal life.

You could be a teacher, a cleaner, a director or work on the production line for a manufacturer, whatever your role and place of work, these 3 skills in OD bring your learning together for a complete picture of how these principles enable organisations to improve their performance through people not systems.

You will gain an increased ability to develop high performance in others by utilising a coaching style to create sustainable solutions. Have the flexibility to use either direction or true facilitation to enable teams to perform at their maximum and the capability to tackle challenging projects and situations with confidence & ease to generate a truly collaborative workplace.

The cost for the programme is £1,320 + VAT with flexible payment options available.

Already an Individual Member to The Institute for Organisational Development? You would qualify for 10% discount off this or any other development programme.

For more information call 01430 425683 or email .

Luke Spayne

Membership Services Programme Manager

The Institute for Organisational Development for People, Performance and Organisational Development



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