Culture – we’re all equal. Right?

March 19, 2018

At The Institute for Organisational Development, we have been thinking about Culture this month. We have had the opportunity to share different stories and views at our Member Conference and celebrate some of the fantastic work happening in the field of Organisational Development at our second Annual OD Awards Evening last week.

Culture is a funny one. It’s that ‘invisible gas’ that surrounds us every day when we’re at work or elsewhere. We add into it and we take out of it, consciously and maybe more so unconsciously, with our words and actions feeding each second, the environment we exist within.

So many components add into it; it’s a group of individuals who are all different that contribute to it and we want to encourage that difference to exist to enable innovation, empathy, ability to successfully provide for customers.

The simplicity of it can sometimes be lost when the other subtle or not so subtle contributors add in; hierarchy, opinions, preferences, styles, perceptions, for instance.

There is an opportunity as organisations, to be really consistent and clear on our collective overall goal and have strong, shared underpinning values at work, that align with us personally.

Through recruitment and development organisations can then bring in and enable people who convey all that positive variety, to then flourish within the markers of shared values and the organisational aim. This of course will be different for each organisation.

If this was consistently the case, what would this do? Would this type of workforce have more trust? Would it have more ability to ‘flex’ and be ‘agile’? Would each employee have more, appropriate autonomy/interdependence in their role?

What can we do to enable everyone to be viewed and treated as an equally valuable contributor when they do their role to the fullest (or don’t), to performance and to culture being the way it is? Not only by others, but by themselves?

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on Culture and if you would be interesting in learning more about the work of The Institute for Organisational Development, please get in touch on


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