Strategic OD Diagnostic

We have been successfully using an organisational diagnosis model, developed in conjunction with Harvard Business School, for some years. The model provides a pragmatic way to take a holistic look at the organisation by exploring 5 interdependent dimensions in order to identify the opportunities that exist for improvement within the organisation.

Aims of the Organisational Diagnostic Workshop

We are strong advocates for a robust and holistic approach to organisational diagnosis; however we also appreciate the power in quickly enabling clients to generate increased awareness of the performance of the organisational system and of being able to benchmark that performance against other organisations in the same sector and across different sectors.

With this in mind we have developed an organisational diagnostic which will enable us to work collaboratively with you to:

  • enable the senior team of the organisation to create a shared view of where their organisation is against the 5 dimensions of our tried and tested  organisational diagnosis model
  • generate baseline data against which you can collaboratively plan and prioritise how to improve the performance of the organisation and evaluate progress Once the full validity study has been completed, the diagnostic will also provide you with benchmark information showing how your organisation compares with others in your sector.

How it works

  • The session will be facilitated by one of our experienced consultants who will support the team in addressing and rating a series of standard questions (6 for each of the 5 dimensions of the model) through constructive challenge and robust debate
  • The ratings and evidence to back up those ratings will be used to build a picture of organisational performance against the model and will provide the opportunity to share initial reactions and begin discussion on areas for improvement

After the event we will write up a short report based on the outcomes of the exercise for you to use for your OD planning and evaluation of progress against your plan.



We had the Strategic OD workshop session with the senior team and the questions in the OD Diagnostic were really thought provoking…the facilitation by Institute for OD got us into a debate which we would not otherwise have had. It gave us the opportunity to really explore things as a team, to challenge each other and question how to take our Organisational Development programme forward.

Chris Bain, former CEO, Rotherham, Doncaster & South Humber NHS FT READ MORE >

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