Cultural Audits

culture-reflectionOrganisational culture is often perceived to be an elusive factor which is ever present but difficult to define and even more difficult to modify, yet which can be critical to supporting (or being a barrier to) success.

The Institute for Organisational Development can help you to understand the culture which is prevalent in your organisation by exploring in an objective way the perceptions and experiences of those within it. It is the people which define the culture and perpetuate it, and it is the people who can choose to change it. Therefore it is critical that team members across an organisation are effectively engaged in cultural development.

One key point regarding culture is to recognise that there may be numerous different perceptions which exist, and although there may be some core themes, there may also be significant contradictions.

Similarly the perceptions of the leadership team may be different from team members, so all of this needs to be understood and acknowledged before any attempt can be made to move forward.

We can help to identify potential ‘cultural artefacts’ which are barriers to change and which might reinforce unhelpful behaviours. Together we can then plan how things might be different and put together an approach to integrate new cultural elements and engage people in pushing this forward.

Cultural development must be driven from within – you can’t impose a culture on someone and expect it to stick. We will support this drive and tailor an approach to ultimately help achieve the aspirations of the organisation.



This is the third conference that I’ve been to.  The Institute for OD conferences are always great to attend. Not only are the team very ethical, welcoming and knowledgeable, they also have very interesting clients. It’s really great to be able to network with them and find out what sort of organisational issues they are facing. The Institute for Organisational Development provides fantastic speakers so I always learn a lot.

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