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consultancy-officeWhatever your performance development requirements may be – or if you need help in determining how best to drive performance, we can work with you to to understand what your long term and short term goals should be.

We do this through working with a ‘contracting’ model.  This provides clarity about the results or outcomes that we want from our work together, the processes that we will use as a strategy to deliver these and to determine how the relationship between us will work through our respective mindsets.

Once we have ‘contracted’ together, we then agree if there is need for The Institute for Organisational Development to work with you. If there is, we then place our ‘contract’ into a more systematic consulting cycle.  This enables us together to be clear about the stages or phases which we progress through to keep us ethical and true to our ‘contract’ together.

An initial discussion of this type is entirely without obligation, but just may spark some ideas and challenges which could ultimately change the performance of your organisation.

The Institute for Organisational Development is there to help you achieve the success you are looking for, so why not contact us now to arrange an initial discussion?



Working with the Institute has been a genuine strategic partnership. They have never wavered from its original commitment to provide strong support and strong challenge.

Dr Richard Heseltine, Director of LLI, University of Hull READ MORE >

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