Conscious Culture

March 13, 2018

It’s an interesting time, with people looking to create shifts in the way things are in a variety of contexts being heavily reported in the media.

The interesting thing about culture, how things are, in our organisations and in society is that we either were part of creating it and/or we turn up each day and contribute to it being one way or another.

When we have been somewhere or in something for a significant amount of time, it can be easy to slip into an almost unconscious way of behaving and find yourself not consciously operating with your customers, clients, suppliers, colleagues.

It can also be easy, in this comfort, to consider less how the person on the receiving end of you feels or is impacted when you interact with them. Possibly, because it’s easier to make an assumption about how they may feel?

In a work context, it’s great to have a culture which has high performance, high enjoyment and high empathy and understanding how to bring and maintain this balance through appropriately professional and personal relationships in your context is powerful!

At The Institute for Organisational Development’s Member Conference earlier this week, our first speaker, Dave Hill, talked about ‘starting with me’. In order to make things positively different, you’ve got to start with your contribution to it, not only to be an example of how things should be, but to be personally ready for what lies ahead once positive change begins!

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Martha Benfield

OD Practice – Institute Projects Manager

The Institute for Organisational Development for People, Performance and Organisational Development



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