Absolutely excellent!  Jan is now a role model – someone who demonstrates awareness and mastery in her facilitation. I am grateful for the opportunity.  Thank you all in The Institute for Organisational Development who made this such a great quality learning experience.

Jaki Lowe, Interchange HR

This course has been a life changing experience. The programme is well balanced and I have appreciated the experience of supervision and being coached as well as the modules. My expectations have been exceeded. It has been a personal journey of discovery.

Zoe McDougall, Performance Development Coach

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the interaction with you and colleagues was fantastic.  It was also good to have the time out from such a busy working week to just have time to think and consider – a practice I have continued with since the end of the course.

Kim Nurse, Director of Workforce and Organisational Development, West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS

Peter’s style is perfect for the programme, relaxed, organised and assertive with the group. Peter encourages a climate of openess and trust and very few people can achieve this in my opinion. Peter is professional and very friendly, warm and caring.

Caroline Dosanjh, Coaching & Mentoring Coordinator, Lincolnshire Police

I found the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials to be an excellent programme.  It was well run, efficiently administered, and the delivery of the programme, mixing lecture and discussion, really worked for me.  It was clear that the content and style of the programme had been thoroughly considered and the skills and expertise shown by Steve and Gail were impressive.  The assignment is a useful way of turning learning into practice and the work on Transactional Analysis has given me a new perspective on my work and home life.

Simon Hunter, Director of Strategic Development, Humber NHS Foundation Trust

This programme is more than just Performance Development Coaching, it changes the way you see yourself, others and your life. It raises the question of how you made it this far without this skill and what you could have been had you learnt about it and developed it earlier.

It has been tough at times, especially the academic level which was a new world to me, but it really has been worth the effort.

Nick Dawes, Safer Communities Service, Lincolnshire County Council

I have learnt so much and found the facilitation excellent – insightful, stretching, skilled fun, diverse.
The modelling that was within the facilitation was a really rich source of learning for me as was the generosity of both facilitators in supporting development outside as well as within the group.
My expectations of becoming confident to coach independently have been exceeded – in a very different way from what I expected.
Thank you for a wonderful experience – some of the most challenging, most rewarding and most productive development work I have undertaken.

Dr Sue Butler

The RHN is a fabulous institution. We look at the quality of life of patients and residents with incredibly complex brain injuries. The passion within the hospital is immense, it’s a wonderful place to be but it’s steeped in tradition as it’s over 150 years old. It has old practices, old ways of working and cultural inertia. I joined 18 months ago, working with the chief executive. We quickly realised that we needed an enormous amount of support to help us on our journey of change so we elected The Institute for Organisational Development. The reason for choosing the Institute for OD was their ethics and values which were so aligned to the way in which we think. It was also about finding a long-term partner, as this would not be a quick fix. We wanted a partner that would work with us on a sustainable agenda and help us to deliver a better performance in our hospital whilst also maintaining what makes it really special.

Lynn Cunningham, Director of Corporate Services, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability.

We are a fairly traditional policing organisation and like most public sector organisations, we have a large scale transformation programme that we have now entered into.

We felt that we needed to get some external support, especially around organisational development, coaching and testing our assumptions about our organisation and how we deliver services to the people of Northamptonshire in the future.

The staff at The Institute for Organisational Development are now all very well known to me. Steve Benfield, the Managing Director, has been alongside me on the preparation for our journey towards transformation. This has really helped our learning and helped us to formulate a programme of work that will take the organisation into the future of policing and a whole new way of delivering services to the people of Northamptonshire and ensure that our performance remains on track.

Dave Hill, Superintendent, Northamptonshire Police