Business Partnering Programme

humber-bridgeThe aim of the Business Partnering Programme is to develop collaborative working practices, encouraging collective thinking and the development of ideas, building trust and deepening relationships to support the overall aims of the organisation. Working as a business partner may necessitate individuals working jointly on a project with more senior colleagues, acting as an expert in their field. Having the credibility and confidence to contribute fully whilst also shifting traditional mind sets is part of this new way of working. Communication skills are very important and being able to understand others’ perspectives in order to put forward a view in a way that is meaningful to the recipient is part of the
business partner skill set.

The Business Partnering Programme has been developed as a result of the drive for ‘smarter’ more efficient working practices. The shift to a more systems-wide methodology as defined by Peter Senge, a major figure in organisational development, means that individuals need to develop a more collaborative approach, understanding the needs of their ‘customers’ and being able to use a consultancy/business partnering approach to develop deeper levels of trust and understanding across functions. David Maister’s Trusted Adviser model is referenced as well as our own business partnering model, both demonstrating how a trust-based relationship delivers greater results across an organisation.

Our Business Partnering Programme will help you to:

  • Develop trust based relationships.
  • Increase capability and a shift in mind-set.
  • Shift behaviour to be more proactive and consultative.
  • Create greater commitment to the organisation‘s strategic vision.
  • Feel empowered to take on responsibility, accountability and value others’ contributions.
  • Achieve personal growth and confidence in pursuit of sustainable change.


We quickly realised that we needed an enormous amount of support to help us on our journey of change so we elected The Institute for Organisational Development. The reason for choosing them was their ethics and values which were so aligned to the way in which we think. It was also about finding a long-term partner, as this would not be a quick fix. We wanted a partner that would work with us on a sustainable agenda and help us to deliver a better performance in our hospital whilst also maintaining what makes it really special.

Lynn Cunningham, Director of Corporate Services, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability READ MORE >

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