Aspiring OD Institute Makes Global Awards Final

September 26, 2016

constantinus-logo-no-subheadingSteve Benfield anticipates next month’s finals of the Constantinus Awards

It’s just a month away from the Global Finals of the premier international consulting awards in Canada and the chosen UK entry, The Institute for Organisational Development, makes the final seven to compete for a medal placing in the Constantinus International Award.

The Institute for Organisational Development for People, Performance and Organisational Development is currently preparing its application to become the UK’s Institute for Organisational Development.

The Institute for Organisational Development, working in strategic partnership with The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, showcases it work and ability to work in a high performing collaborative world class relationship.

Please read more here and support us by liking and sharing this post – its an amazing achievement for Beech, the RHN and the UK and… a post brexit result too!

Steve Benfield
Chief Executive



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