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Established in 2018 after authorisation from UK government, the Institute for Organisational Development (OD) exists to enable increased choice at an individual, team and organisational-level to result in increased organisational development, well-being and performance.

With an 18-year history leading to Institute realisation in 2018, the Institute for OD’s vision is to be the most inspiring Institute for the art, science and practice of OD; defining standards and best practice, bringing consistency and promoting and developing the profession of Organisational Development.

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We were looking for an organisation to come and help us with our OD work. Northamptonshire Police is a very traditional thinking police force with a very traditional culture which is based on vocational values. We found that Institute for OD really understood our value set and how people come to work with us with the vocation in mind. This has been really powerful through the change programme. The Institute have really helped our staff to understand how and why we need to change.

Fiona Davis, Head of Corporate Services, Northamptonshire Police READ MORE >

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