Corporate Social Responsibility


As part of the Institute for Organisational Development’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for 2018-19 we will be supporting the following charities: Baby Lifeline and the Magic Wand Foundation which supports the Willow Foundation.

In its unique role, Baby Lifeline supports the care of pregnant women and their unborn and new born babies – ensuring the best possible outcome from pregnancy and birth. To find out more about the invaluable support that this charity provides, please visit

The Magic Wand Foundation has been established by Helen Bull, a supporter of the Willow Foundation, to help make a positive difference to the lives of other young people living with cancer. To find out more about the invaluable support that this charity provides, please visit

We will be supporting these charities through fundraising activities, creating the opportunity for fundraising across our membership community and the opportunity for our members to take part in these fundraising events. Details on how to make a donation will be made available soon.

Further suggestions

If you have any suggestions on how we could further reduce our impact on the environment and get more involved in our communities, please email



The Institute for Organisational Development are really focused on bringing organisational development to a very long standing organisation with a lot of history with all of the challenges that a very fast moving NHS healthcare environment brings. They have been really pivotal in helping the team at an executive level understand what good behaviours, management, leadership and coaching skills can bring to efficiency and to better operating procedures. The Institute don’t tell us what to do, they enable us to understand how we can better configure our services. They have a range of services which we are benefiting from in coaching and

Angus Somerville, Chief Executive, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability READ MORE >

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